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We have the best Petting Zoos in Arizona. Our animals are clean, friendly, well mannered, and fun. 
Our petting Zoos have bunnies, chickens of all shapes and sizes, ducks, miniature goats, sheep, goats, turkeys, pigs, miniature horses, and miniature donkeys. (and occasionally reindeer, unicorns, and miniature pegasus)

 You can come to a petting zoo at the ranch Saturday or Sunday 
for $5 per person.

You can arrange a petting zoo at the ranch weekdays
by appointment for a $25 set up fee which
includes 2 people. ($5 per person after the first 2)

or we can add a petting zoo to your birthday party here or at your place, or at your event no matter how big or how small. (We Travel) See our pricing pages.

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