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The Rockin Star Ranch LLC gives horse, pony, and miniature horse driving lessons for children and adults. We have lesson horses for every size you can imagine. Children are not intimidated with a horse that is too large!. And as they become comfortable and proficient, they move on to other and larger miniatures, welsh ponies, or horses.

Our lessons begin with 15 minutes of horse time, followed by 30 minutes of instruction, followed by 15 more minutes of horse time. They cost $40 each.
We currently have an 8 lesson plan special. When you sign up for eight lessons, you pay for 7 and get one free!

We also offer a family discount on top of this for families with two or more kids who all want to get lessons, making this more affordable for families..
Call 520-409-6700 or email  office@therockinstarranch.com today!

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